<![CDATA[Once Upon A Time Fanatics - Blog]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 06:22:40 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Good Morning Storybrooke Special Reports]]>Mon, 21 Jul 2014 21:46:09 GMThttp://ouatfanatics.weebly.com/blog/good-morning-storybrooke-special-reportsHey! So I don't know who all has seen these already but I wanted to post them because they are great. Minor Spoilers for people who haven't seen 3x13 Witch Hunt
<![CDATA[Hiatus Fun]]>Tue, 08 Jul 2014 23:47:20 GMThttp://ouatfanatics.weebly.com/blog/hiatus-funFor this Hiatus here is a super fun way to deal with OUAT withdrawls. With your very own once upon a time themed matching game. You match the characters with their storybrooke name. Note that some of the characters on this word document only have one name. The Blue set of Once Upon A Time title cards are where the character name goes. These are just my add ons. I made my own game a while ago.
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The document has the all the pieces presized so that they are somewhat small. They are all the same size and can be easily resized as desired.
there are extra blue cards so that the logo can be glued onto the back of the character cards.
Get a fun box like this little red one I got for a dollar at JoAnn's. You can put a fun cover on top too like this one.
<![CDATA[Finale is on Sunday]]>Sat, 10 May 2014 01:32:33 GMThttp://ouatfanatics.weebly.com/blog/finale-is-on-sundayHere are some lovely photos from the 2 HOUR FINALE!
Here are some sneak peeks
<![CDATA[Finale Already?]]>Sat, 10 May 2014 01:17:29 GMThttp://ouatfanatics.weebly.com/blog/finale-alreadyWow its almost the finale. It's crazy how fast that went after all the time we spent waiting. So I have a special treat that I think is really great. This is for people who enjoy spoilers and pictures and the like... so if you are not this person do not continue reading.
So anyways I have a slideshow and some links here about what to expect from the finale, some pictures, and a fantastic link to Once Upon A Spoiler on Facebook. I follow them for spoilers. It is very professional so if you have a Facebook page FOLLOW THEM! 

And also how about the Finale. Some pictures have been released of the Two Hour Finale. 
<![CDATA[What I'm Hoping For...]]>Sun, 09 Feb 2014 23:05:43 GMThttp://ouatfanatics.weebly.com/blog/what-im-hoping-for
As season 3B draws closer here are some things I'm hoping for. 

A Hook and Emma relationship:
I'll admit it. I'm a huge fan Captain Swan shipper. I've liked the idea since they climbed the beanstalk in Tallahassee. Now some people like the idea because they think Hook is hot or whatever, but what I love is an under dog. I love the story where a morally gray guy falls in love with the strong and beautiful good girl.  I love the idea of the heroine choosing the guy who isn't squeaky clean. The one who goes for the guy with a lot of issues. I love them because Emma could serve as Hook's redemption, and he can loosen her up a bit. She seems to trust him okay and I really think  that she does like him. Plus she's better off moving away from Neal/Baelfire. He's an okay guy but he honestly is pretty boring. He doesn't match Emma in personality, and he's kind of a wuss. Too little too late for them because he left her in prison with a baby on the way. Even when he found out that the curse had been broken he wasn't willing to go after her because he didn't want to face his father. Let's not forget that he was engaged to be married and didn't go for Emma until after he realized his fiance was a raging lunatic who was obsessed with the destruction of magic.

The Return of Rumplestiltskin:
Let's face it. Rumplestiltskin is one of the best characters on OUAT. It would be a shame if he were gone for good. Rumplestiltskin can honestly be credited for the whole plot of the show. He created the curse and he manipulated his major players all so that he could find his son someday. He is a major part of almost all of the plot lines too. He was part of Snow and Charmings storylines, Hook, Cinderella, Regina, Cora Mills, Robin Hood, Belle and that's just a few of them. We here at Once Upon A Time Fanatics are pretty sure we haven't seen the last of him but still we look forward to seeing that entertaining little imp again.

Enchanted Forest: I am really excited by the idea of our characters being in the enchanted forest again. I always love that world that is so completely different than our world. It is honestly the best to see sword fighting and the amazing costumes.
So what are you interested in seeing next? Season 3B starts on March 9, 2014